I'm Jessica, and I'm so glad you're here.

I created Better + Co. to encourage and empower the cancer community and be the resource I wish we had when this whole cancer journey began in 2017. 

A little about how Better + Co. came to be! It all started with the planner I designed for Tommy and I to use during his first round of treatment. It was quickly evident that staying organized was a challenge I needed to overcome if I was going to support him in the way I wanted. The planner helped us keep track of appointments. questions we wanted to ask our doctors, medications, side effects, and more. 

After using the planner for a few months, I knew that this was a tool that could help others through their treatment and recovery. I decided to self publish it and bought 100 copies. They sold out almost instantly, and I realized this could be an opportunity to serve the community we were now a part of. 

I created Better + Co. to encompass all the projects I wanted to explore. I designed my "not so serious" greeting card line to create the type of cards we loved to receive, but couldn't find in stores. I started blogging to share our experiences and sort through my own thoughts. Before I knew it, Better + Co. became my full time job and my support system. I am so grateful to be here, and I hope that something on this site brings you encouragement or empowerment to your personal story.

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