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Guest Blog: BRCA and Portraits of Hope

I needed to see other women, on the other side, who were fine. I typed "#BRCA" into the Instagram search bar and my life changed forever. For the first time in my life, I wasn't alone in my thoughts and fears. I feel that through these women, I have learned more than I have through all of the doctors I saw in the past years. I felt stronger. These women helped me into a position where I could advocate for myself and make decisions that were right for MY body and MY life. 

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Guest Blog: Finding My New Normal

After everything that has happened these past two years, I can confidently say I wasn’t prepared for the internal changes I would face. As cliché as it sounds many things that were important to me before, simply do not matter now. I went in completely unknowing & naïve to how my life would change. I am still navigating this new normal that I have been thrust into but I can confidently say, I am stronger now than I was before! Making my mess my message is something that means the world to me.

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Guest Blog: Instagram: What’s Your Feed Feeding?

You check it at your lunch break. You’re scrolling, sprawled on your bed, naked in your towel between texting your friends, “10 minutes away!” (I mean, it’s their own fault they still believe this.) You’re liking, screenshotting, stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s profile down to 2015 trying not to accidentally “heart” anything.

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