GUEST BLOG: Helping Seniors in Your Community Thrive in Their Golden Years

By Beverly Nelson

Aging when you are surrounded by relatives and loved ones is hard enough. But when you have no one to turn to for assistance with everyday challenges, it can be especially difficult. That’s why we put together this list of information and resources for those who want to help seniors in their communities live safer, happier, more fulfilling lives:

Financial Decisions
Many seniors have no retirement savings and are living on a fixed income. Nonetheless, it is possible to thrive under such circumstances.

  •  When helping a senior who is struggling financially, take a close look at their monthly budget with them and see where they can reduce expenses, whether it’s housing, transportation, dining out, and so on.
  • If their home is too large and/or expensive for their current lifestyle, they might consider selling and moving to a home that is more manageable.
  • They can even use an online tool to estimate the amount of money they would make from selling their home.
  • And if they are able to work, suggest that they get a part-time job that can help pad their income.

Medical Care
Needless to say, medical care is critical for the health and well-being of seniors.

  • Since it can be confusing and difficult to navigate, learning about how Medicare works will help you assist seniors in determining the coverage they need.
  • For example, one thing to consider about Medicare is that mental health services like counseling and therapy are covered by Part B.
  • There are also many assistance programs and resources available to seniors that may help cover the costs of home health aides, skilled nursing care, transportation, medical appointments, legal aid, and other services.

Healthy Living
A big part of helping seniors thrive in their everyday lives is encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle and assisting them when necessary.

  •  There are tons of easy, healthy recipes online that are tailored for seniors. Along with sharing some of these recipes with a senior, you could even offer to cook with them!
  • Also, there are many grocery delivery services that will bring foods and ingredients right to your door.
  • Furthermore, consider how you can help seniors find an exercise routine that suits their needs and improves their health and well-being.
  • And research some activities and nightly routines that can help them sleep better.

If you feel called to play a role in bettering the lives of seniors in your community, learning about the issues they face is a great place to start. Consider the information and resources here for guiding seniors through financial decisions, medical care, and healthy living. And be sure to keep researching for additional ways that you can help seniors live their best lives.


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