Gratitude and Moving Forward

In the wake of the overwhelming support and encouragement we received this week after HeartThreads Docs shared our story on Facebook, I have been pulled into reflection on the year we have had. Some days it's easy to wake up and feel like it never happened. Some mornings the unseen marks on our minds and hearts show up a little deeper. Sometimes I feel like I have fully processed the fears and stresses we experienced, but most times I feel like I haven't even begun to see the impact that has been made. It's fascinating how adaptable we are as humans. We find strength in times of need, and allow our minds to rest in times of peace. Watching the video, and being transported back to the mindset I had during treatment was an important reminder for me this week. 

I remembered what it felt like when every second of the day mattered. Every new minute was an opportunity to fight, or try a new tactic to survive the circumstances we were given. I value the experience of living in this heightened way. It's easy to take life for granted, even after big moments that should teach you otherwise.

I want to thank the people who kept me grounded and held me together for the past nine months. In no way did I fight alongside Tommy alone. Our families are our rocks, and we were able to lean on them at every turn. When we needed encouragement, positive words, money, transportation, laughs, shoulders, meals- they were there. Our friends and family friends were there from morning to night offering assistance and kindness. Our social workers and counselors who were there for a quick word in a difficult moment, or an hour-long session to lift us up. And our incredible team of doctors took on the challenge with optimism, intelligence, and experience that made all the difference. They trained us to think with positivity and course his treatment with confidence.

Grateful doesn't begin to sum up how I feel. When there was nothing in my control, all I could do was focus on what I was thankful for. Sometimes the list would be so long, I would almost laugh at myself for thinking otherwise. Changing my focus would immediately pull me out of the dark and allow me to move forward. This lesson has stayed with me and will continue to, and for that, I am truly grateful. 

Tommy and I are doing really well! He is back full time at work and is in near-perfect health. We have an anniversary trip booked for September and will be spending some time with our families afterward. I've somehow found myself running a small business, and am absolutely over the moon with the opportunities and possibilities. Thank you for following and supporting our journey!

*If you would like to view our video, you can find it here:

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