Getting Your Diagnosis, and GETTING TO WORK

Once you learn your exact diagnosis, you will better understand your treatment options. Waiting for the results was the scariest moment of our lives, but after we ripped off the ‘stage bandaid’, we were able to get to work.

There is such incredible relief as you begin treatment. You are in the fight! After you’ve begun chemo, radiation, or surgery, you know there is literally nothing else you can be doing. You can focus on nutrition, keeping healthy in the other aspects of your lives, and remaining as positive as possible.

Trust that your treatment is working. We had countless nurses and doctors tell us that mindset matters. You may feel helpless, but you aren’t. These cold, hardened scientists are telling us that positivity helps. Crazy right?! So try it!

Tommy's treatment plan looked like this: two types of chemotherapy, once a week, for five weeks. Radiation five times a week, for 28 sessions. Surgery options to follow. It was a lot to take it.

We were told by our surgeon to ‘focus on the now’. Easier said than done, but this was extremely helpful advice. You can’t know the next step until the current one is completed. You can't know your surgery options until the new scans come back. You can't be sure the surgery worked until months after, so at this point, don't try to think that far ahead. So much can change. Chemo might be so effective you no longer need surgery. You might have more options because the tumor shrunk to a more manageable size. Who knows! 

Releasing that control is difficult, but it can also be freeing. You can let the far off fear thoughts go. Right now, you are doing everything you can...and you are incredible.

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